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Candidate Finder

This subscription is available to *vendors who seek to do business with political candidates who are estimated to spend $5 billion+ in the 2014 election cycle. Subscribers get 24/7 access to candidate data at the federal and state level regionally, by individuals state depending on the subscription level. The data includes candidate name, postal address, email address, phone number, website address, social media addresses, office sought, district, political party and more as available.

*not available to data companies, ESPs and other competitors

Populus Digital Marketing

Populus Digital Marketing, LLC is an enterprise-level Email Service Provider (“ESP”) offering a world-class email broadcast platform and turnkey email programs to the trade and high-volume marketers. Populus also offers reseller arrangements to data companies, list managers and brokers, service bureaus and lettershops, agencies and other who would benefit from such an arrangement. Reseller arrangements are permitted to be white-labeled and transparent under the Reseller’s brand. Populus was co-founded by the owners of AIM and Statware, Inc.

Sender Reputation

Through this brand, we offer troubleshooting tools, and consulting to identify and help resolve sender reputation issues for email marketers, data companies agencies and ESPs. This includes a seed list & inbox monitoring service at 30+ leading ISPs to determine the percentage of delivered emails reaching the inbox rather than the spam folder, blocklist &blacklist monitoring, email marketing “best practices” audits & training, federal & state spam law compliance audits & training and more.

For more than a decade, our voter list division has been serving political candidates, committees, and ballot sponsors with official registered voter data. We were the first in this space to offer voter emails and turnkey voter email campaigns, ethnic and religious targeting and enhanced data incorporating over 200 micro-target attributes. Counts can be readily obtained from the website. also offers email, phone and attribute appending to a candidate’s submitted voter file, donor file or houselife. List hygiene, email validation and spam trap scrubbing are also available along with other data improvement services.