All orders require submission of a American Information Marketing order. You may also submit your own or purchase order, however, the order terms of the AIM order will supercede any conflicting terms on your own order or purchase order. To submit your own order or purchase order, please email it as an attachment to You must, however, also complete the AIM order which is all we really need to process your order. You may access the AIM order by clicking the red button below. This will open the form for you to complete.

Any field marked with an asterisk (*) is a required field and your form will not submit unless all required fields have been completed. Once your form has been submitted, a message will display in your browser confirming that it has successfully submitted. If you are the form submitter, you will receive a copy of the form you have submitted by email.

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If you are not the Account Executive assigned to the account, we recommend forwarding a copy of the email you receive with a copy of your submitted form to that individual.

If you are unable to submit your form or have questions, please contact